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My son has finished his year of kindergarten and I’m so proud of how much he’s matured over the year.  I’ve had an obsession with photographing all things related to him and school.  He attended a classic “old school” school which inspired me to capture something that has a nostalgic feeling.  I can remember taking his photo in front of the school on the first day.  He was a innocent, yet confident kindergartner excited about his new environment.





The cafeteria was always fun to visit.  The bus arrived to school early so every morning he would go to the cafeteria to eat his free breakfast.




The school bus!  My little guy loved riding it for the half mile trip to school.  I will shamelessly admit that I was obsessed with the bus.  I took so many photos of the bus in the morning, yet never captured the perfect shot.  Nonetheless, getting on the morning bus was a special time for both of us and I’m glad to have the memories.






My little guy has grown and matured so much over the school year and not so little.  There were many days I missed him so much while he was gone for the long day.  He is such a big boy for navigating his way at school and learning to read and write.  I’m so proud of him!




Next year he will go to a different school and I’m very sad about leaving his school that’s so quaint and classic.  It’s so difficult to say goodbye.  Yet, he will have many great experiences at his new school and I’m sure there will new and different imagery that I will love capturing.




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  • Melissa DeVoe - What a handsome boy you’ve got there! Love all of your captures! I have one starting kindergarten this year and I’m sure it will fly by for us too!ReplyCancel

My baby girl has turned 3!  To capture this milestone, I did a birthday portrait shoot of her.  I photographed her wearing her new pom pom birthday hat and eating a cupcake.   She was so excited about licking the icing off the cupcake which was a nice distraction to keep her sitting for the photos.  I’m so glad I photographed these special portraits of her so I have memories of her turning 3!  She is growing so fast and her personality develops more and more each day.  Happy birthday to my sweet girl!


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My son is playing machine pitch baseball this spring and the games are never short of stories that occur in the dugout, on the field, or on the sidelines.  He loves socializing with his fellow teammates and watching all the action.  Junebug gets dragged along to the games, but has made friends with a little boy who always has her giggling.  I have so much fun capturing all of this while cheering the team on!

celiasloan_baseball game_02PINIMAGE

celiasloan_baseball game_03PINIMAGEceliasloan_baseball game_01PINIMAGEceliasloan_baseball game_04PINIMAGE

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